Our vision

We believe the future of gaming is one where players own their assets, user-generated content is rewarded fairly, and players are able to not only on-ramp their money and time but off-ramp too. This is made possible by implementing web3 features in the correct way.

what we do

We identify
High potential games & asset bundles
We advise
On economic models and web2 adoption
We facilitate
Running nodes and validators
We produce
Maps, games, skins, and in-game assets
We promote
Our assets and services
We manage
Web2 communities and pro players
We organise
Streamer campaigns, collabs and tournaments
We build
In-game revenue structures
about us

who we are

Our team, composed of passionate gamers, marketing experts, and web3 enthusiasts are dedicated to identifying and investing in the highest potential games in the industry. We position ourselves right in the centre of the in-game economies, allowing us to capture an ongoing share of the massive $200 billion yearly gaming revenue.

what we’ve been doing

Over the past two years we have developed and refined a one-of-a-kind approach to investing in gaming. During this time, we’ve managed to find and secure 6 investments which we believe have the highest potential to not only compete with but thrive within the traditional gaming market.

Been here since the inception of web3 gaming
Evaluated over 3000+ games
Analysed hundreds of economic models
$15 million in assets under management

our games